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ping pong table rental

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Giant Game Rentals

We are a Giant Sized party rental company servicing all of Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and the Inland Empire. Impress your friends  and order one or all of our giant games: Arcade games, Oculus Quest, Shuffleboard, Ping pong, giant Beer pong, Corn hole, Jenga, giant Operation, Bocce ball, jumbo Twister, giant Checkers, XXL Foosball table, super size Chess, Tic tac toe, Kerplunk, Crazy Wire, Disc golf, Hose shoes, giant Yard dice, Ladder ball, Foosball, Carnival games , Carnival tents, Milk can, Fish bowl, Bean bag toss, Tilt Maze, giant Plinko, Poker & Black jack tables, Pool table, Interactive inflatables, VR rental, LED furniture and Photo booth rentals. Our giant games are a  big hit and a great addition at any Wedding, Grand opening, Birthday, Graduations, Holiday events. Perfect for  indoor or outdoor celebrations.

Giant Connect 4:

Available in classic wood or plastic sets. Units are 4' wide x 4' high. Comes with 40 multi colored pucks. $75 

giant connect 4
connect 4 mega rental
Giant Crazy Wire:

The object of the game is for the player to negotiate a looped handle around a spiral wire. 4' long X 1' wide. $75

Megawire-Carnival-Game new.png
Giant Twister:

Get ready for some seriously knotted fun with this massive twister board that rolls out a huge 10' Long x 1' Width. $75

giant twister
Giant Backgammon:

Comes complete with giant backgammon chips, 2 giant dice and 1 giant doubling dice. The mat is 13' L x 13' W. $75

backgammon rental giant
Giant Yard Dice:

Yardzee! A life size yard game! This set is perfect for camping, barbecues, parties. Each set includes 5 dice. $75

yard dice
Mega Jenga XL:

Giant Jenga comes with 51 wood tumbling tower blocks are 2" H x 4" W x 10" L. Includes  a 10" base. $75

Giant jenga rental
Giant Tilt Maze:

The object is for the player to negotiate the maze by tilting  the table with the handles. 30" long x 30" wide. $75

giant maze
Giant Checkers:

The Giant Checkers Plastic Set comes in 10" diameter player chips and 10' long x 10' wide Black & white field. $75

giant checkers
Giant Scrabble:

Complete with 100 big scrabble tiles, 4 tile holders and a massive board that rolls out a huge 7' long x 6' wide. $75

giant scrabble
Giant Badminton:

It comes with two oversized rackets, a huge birdie, and a net that doesn't need to be staked down. $75

giant game renals
Giant Beer Pong:

Play a life sized version of Beer Pong at your next event? 12 Giant 32 gallon Red cans. $150 per set.

beer pong giant rental
Giant Plinko:

Win a prize! This gaming display draws in a crowd due to its "plinking" noise and large profile. 48" H  x 23" W. $75

plinko carnival.jpg
Super Sized Chess:

The plastic Chess set 16”  King, 14" Queen, 12" Bishop, 9" Rook, 11" Knight and 8" Pawn. 10'L x 10'W field. $75

giant chess set rental
Giant Monopoly:

Supersized version of this classic game. Giant player pieces, oversized cards and an 13' long x 13' wide playing mat. $75

monopoly giant.jpeg
Giant Kerplunk:

The game consists of a clear plastic tube, 30 thin sticks, and 32 plastic balls. The unit is 4' high x 2' wide. $75

giant kerplunk
Jumbo Bowling:

XXL Bowling set. It features 10 pins (18" high) and 1 plastic red bowling ball. Perfect for small children. $75

giant bowling game
Giant Peg game:

Custom 3 ft. Peg board game. Jump the pegs to remove all but 1 peg from the board. Sounds easy? Give it a shot. $75

giant peg game
Giant Uno cards:

High quality giant cards measure 10.1 by 7.4 inches. For 2 to 10 players. Giant cards for huge fun. $75

giant uno playing cards.jpg

TailGate Games

Standard Cornhole:

Regulation Size Cornhole Sets combine a classic look with a quality wood frame board.  2' W x 4'L. $75

bag toss.jpg
Ladder Ball:

Ladder Ball, sometimes called “golf toss,” is fun and simple. We offer classic wood and metal units. $75

ladder ball rental
Washer Toss:

The game field consists of two washer pits, each containing three recessed cups of 4". Set 12' apart. $75

washer toss rental
Classic Bocce Ball:

This Sport Bocce Ball Game Set includes 8 throwing balls 1 white pallino, 2 blue, 2 green, 2 yellow and 2 red. $75

bocce set rental
Bubble Breeze:

Blower blast the ping pong balls high into the sky. players scurry about with catch baskets to capture the balls. $75

Disc Golf:

Disc Golf is played much like traditional golf, but instead of hitting a ball into a hole, you throw into a basket. $75

disc golf renal
Croquet Set:

Croquet is a sport that involves hitting plastic or wooden balls with a mallet through hoops in the grass. $75

weddng game rental
Standard Beer Pong:

The original professional 8' x 36' tall beer pong table! This beauty has been our flagship table for years. $75

beer pong table.jpg
Big Spin Wheel:

This adjustable promotional prize wheel is standing at 62"T X 24" W. Customize each area with a dry marker. $75

trade show prize wheel.jpg
carnival game rentals
Juggling Rings:

Toss a ring around one of the targets on the board. Make one stick and win a prize. Comes with 6 rings and a table. 37"H x 21"W. $75

Milk Can Toss:

A favorite carnival game rental. Players try to toss a rubber covered softball into the Milk Can. Includes 1 can + 3 balls. $75 

milk can toss.jpg
Carnival tents:

10' W x 10' L Portable pop up Instant canopy tent is ideal for carnivals, market shows, fairs, concessions and vending events. $75

carnival tent.jpg
Roller Bowler:

Roll the ball hard enough to pass the first hill, but soft enough to not roll all the way back! Lays 75" L x 25" W. $75

Rowler bowler carnival ame
Anti Gravity:

Separate the handle bars moving the ball to make it go down to the highest score. Stands 75" L x 25" W. $75

Snake Pit:

Try to maneuver a ball around the course without falling off. Includes 3 balls and a table. 75" L x 25" W. $75

carnival fair game
Duck Hunt:

Carnival game rental toss. Knock down all the ducks win a prize. Game comes with 6 balls. 46" high x 31" deep. $75

carnival rentals
Knock Down Clown:

Try to knock down all the clowns. Comes with 6 bean bags. Cases are durable & lightweight. 46"high x 31" deep. $75

school carnival rental
Ring Toss:

Classic Ring Toss game. The goal is simple: toss the rings to land around as many bottles as you can! 75" x 25". $75

ring toss carnival game
Coin Roller:

Try to make a coin stay on an amount. This carnival game rental comes with coins and a table.75" L x 25" W. $75

Flap Attack:

2 Player game. Try to outscore your opponent without going off. Includes 2 balls and a table. 75" L x 25" W. $75

school carnival
Troll Dentist:

Carnival game rental. Knock down all the teeth win a prize. Game comes with 6 balls. Stands 46" high x 31" deep. $75

rent a carnival game
Tic Tac Toe:

Get 3 in a row in any direction win a prize. Comes with 3 plastic balls. Stands 46" high x 31" deep. $75

carnival games
Strike Zone:

Simply slide the pucks down the alley to flip the pins! You have three chances to hit all seven! Lays 75" L x 25" W. $75

strike zone carnival game
Roll Down game:

Roll one ball at a time and try to get under 11 or over 30 points. Game comes with 6 balls. 16"W x 46" L. $75

rent a carnival game
Wiffle Ball:

Try to make a ball in a colored circle. Win a prize. This carnival game comes with 6 balls and a table. 36" L x 36" W. $75

Shock Wave:

Try to maneuver the wand down the center rod without touching the sides. Stands 46" high x 31" deep. $75

school carnival
Can Smash:

Try to knock all 6 cans off the pedestal. Game comes with 3 sand bags. Game stands 46" high x 31" deep. $75

carnival games for rent
Knockout Tooth:

Try to knock down all the teeth. Comes with 6 bean bags. Cases are durable & lightweight. 46"high x 31" deep. $75

Fish Bowl:

Try to make a ball in a jar. Comes with 6 balls. Cases are durable & lightweight. Stands 46"high x 31" deep. $75

Stand a Bottle:

Try to make the bottle stand up. Comes with 1 bottle & ring. Cases are durable & lightweight. 46"high x 31" deep. $75


Team Building Games

Team Ski/Big Foot :

The group of up to 3 are faced with the task of walking, as a team, on two planks / skis with rope handles. One pair $75

Sack Race:

Get ready for some fun! The Sack Race Game Set includes six- 34" branded burlap fabric sacks. 10 sacks $75

company picnic games
Tug of War:

Tug of War Rope is made of nylon fiber which is gentle on the hands. This 1 1/2” diameter rope features 50' long. $75

picnic rentals
Pony Hop Race:

Designed for Birthday Parties, Picnic Races, Team Competition, Derby Days.     2 ponies count as 1 game rental. $75

rent a picnic rental
Giant Tricycle Race:

Giant adult sized tricycles for event racing. Brings the kid out of the adults. Each bike count as 1 game rental. $75

company retreat games
Boom Blaster:

Two or more players frantically pump, inflating their balloons until they burst. Each unit count as 1 game rental. $75

Golf Pong:

Put your aim, accuracy, and golf swing to the ultimate test as you try to swing a golf ball into one of the ten cups. $75

golf pong.JPG

The game that has combined Skee ball with putting. The object is to putt the ball into the holes with high score wins. $75

Primo Putting Green:

Professional Golf Putting Green Simulation System Indoor/outdoor Practice Mat is 3 1/2' W x 10' L. $75

putting green.jpg
Curling Zone:

Family game  with six battery powered hovering stones. Indoor/outdoor practice Mat is 2 1/2' W x 11' L. $75

curling ston.jpg
Family Shuffleboard:

Portable shuffleboard game that sets up indoors/outdoors for a day of family fun. Mat is 2 1/2' W x 12' L. $75

Golf Putting pool:

Gameplay of billiards with mini-golfing. The game’s green felt surface and six “pockets'.  Mat is 4 1/2' W x 9' L. $75

golf pool.png
Pluck a Duck Race:


The world first head-to-head steady hand puzzle game. Who can move the pieces faster. $125

Play Back game:


This Giant Simon says game. Memorize the light sequence and play it back to win.$125

Giant Surgery:


Battery powered Game is like Operation that we call Surgery. A life size fun version of the operation game. $125

Pool Table rental:


This is a Imperial 7' Indoor / Outdoor Pool Table (84" L x 48" W). It comes with a rack of balls and 2 pool cues. $250

pool table rental
Jumbo Foosball table:


This extra large 8-player Garlando XXL Outdoor Foosball (104" L x 44" W) offers increased fun and action. $250

giant foosball rental
Ping Pong table:


Standard Ping pong table (9' L x 4' W). Includes 6 balls + 4 paddles. Tables may vary in color (Blue/Green). $175

ping pong table rental
Basketball Arcade:


1 or 2 player option. 7' tall and 5' long. Comes with four basketballs (units may vary in color). $175

basketball arcade rental
Shuffle Board rental:


9' Barrington Shuffleboard Table $175 12' Champion Shuffleboard table $250 8 pucks + table sand(may very in color) 

shuffleboard rental
Foosball Table rental:


Table football, commonly called fuzboll. Tables may vary in color and style (indoor wood / outdoor resin). $175

rent a foosball
Arcade Game rental :


2 player pedestal arcade over 1,300 classic games from the 80's (Pacman, Dig Dug, Galaga, Street Fighter). $175

Arcade rental
Oculus Quest:


Oculus Quest is an all-in-one gaming system for virtual reality. No wires. No PC. Defy Reality. $175

Dome Hockey Table:


The Dome Hockey table has sound and lights to create an exciting game for you and opponents. $175

Dome Hockey table
Claw Machine:


Toy Chest Crane Machine 31" Features "Play Till You Win", Winner Every Time. Includes 50 prizes.   $175

Air Hockey Table:


MD Sports 90″ Air Hockey. (89" length x 48" wide x 32" tall). Includes 2 pushers + pucks + scoring abacus. $175

air hockey table rental
Ricochet Shuffleboard


Half the size of standard shuffleboard. (33" tall x 24" wide x 40" long). Bounce the 1 1/2" pucks against the wall. $175


Inflatable Sports

Inflatble Basketball:


Interactive Basketball game inflatable, Blower, 3 Basketballs. Dimension of 14′ L x 9′ W x 12′ H. $200

inflatble basketball
Inflatable Football:


Heavy-duty puncture and flame resistant inflatable . Dimensions 14′ L x 9′ W x 12′ H. $200

inflatble football
Soccer Darts:


Inflatable Soccer Darts Board with 6 Inflatable Balls for Sports Game 10' H X 10' W. $200

soccer darts

LED Glow Party

LED Chairs:


16 Color LED Light Up Chair Furniture Pub Club Lounge Party Seat. Dimensions- 23"D x 23"D x 19"H.  $75

led chair rental
LED Table:


The illuminated base glows in 16 different colors and can be set to bright or dim. Dimensions 30"H x 21"W. $100

led table rental.jpg

Additional  Services

Photo Booth Rental
Check out our new Viral Photo booth. Includes: Custom template, Digital Props, Online gallery, Single shots, GIFS, Boomerangs & videos. Instant sharing to email, text, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Pricing is $300 for 4 hrs.  (Add an Attendant + Prints for an additional $100 per hr.). Click here for more details Photo Booth Rental.
Concession Machines


Hungry? That's the smell of popcorn in the air! We offer Popcorn machines (Includes the corn, salt, butter, bags and machine) and Snow Cone machines (includes syrups, cones and the machine)  Pricing starts at $75.

popcorn rental
Dinosaur Rental

We rent realistic life sized dinosaurs and our live-action dinosaur characters are perfect for large and small venues. Our walking Dinosaur party rentals are a unique form of entertainment that engages your audience and leaves a lasting impression like no other attraction. Pricing starts at $400.  Click here for details Dino rental.